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Reviews for "Evangelion in a Nutshell"

Funny, but honestly if I was that kid I would've jumped on the chance to pilot a mecha. I mean come on it's a gaint robot if you don't agree with someone you could just step on them or Shining Finger them to hell, or better yet you could just run around trying to get yourself killled, but somehow manage to make it out, God bless the Gundams. Oh and let's not forget Jehuty.

WTF, jk. it wz funny , even without ever even hearing about this show

I'm a huge fan of Evangelion, but this epic lol! Great work!

niiiiiice. heheheheheh. esp the bit with Rei. but you forgot Kaworu. He ought to be in there. Zoz he's Boss. And then maybe Bela the Horse could do a cameo? hehh