Reviews for "Screen Lock Hacker"

Found this to be more challenging than I thought it would be.

Trophies:consistent,GOT IT!,advanced,hardcore,neutrino,master
:) xdxdxdxdxdxd

This game reminds me of a certain obstacle named "Blockhead" in Okami, a video game with a Japanese mythological theme, talking about the adventure of Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of the sun.
And the relevance? It's that you have to attack Blockhead by hitting its weakness with your paintbrush in the platform you have summoned. The catch is that you have to hit its weaknesses with a correct order, much like the mechanism in this game.
The heardest one is specifically named "Blockhead Grande", which has 8 weak points. Again, you have to hit them with the correct order indicated. The number of its weak points exceeds the median of the "Magical number" of human short term memory.
The "Magical number" is 7 +/- 2, which means a range from 5 to 9. That means usually, we can memorize 5 to 9 things in our short term memory, or working memory if you prefer.
The easier way to defeat the "Blockhead Grande", or to play this game, is to memorize the whole picture produced by the arrangement of the dots as one thing to be crammed into your memory slot, rather than memorizing the sequence of dots spearately. If I have a good memory, this skill is called "Chunking" in psychological terms. Learning to chunk the memories will make this game easy. :D

the game is ok, you get points for the music but the medals... i never will liek you one facebook thats a 5 minute game and not madness project nexus -.-"

Really fun game. It's a great way to bring Simon into the future!