Reviews for "Screen Lock Hacker"

Fukken DELICIOUS! I had such low expectations after seeing this was under 300kb.
Great fusion of music and play style. Great idea using music streaming to keep the file size low and the music selection fresh. The achievement qualifications aren't ridiculously difficult like many skill games and keeps the game fun without the feeling of failure. I love the music selection.

One, or maybe three, things though...
The streaming music requires a stable internet connection and this could become annoying on slow or weak internet connections. It seems somewhat deceptive not stating this and (1) a simple notice stating music streaming is used (and what the source is) with (2) an option to turn it off if it becomes a problem or (3 optional and extra work) substituting the main music selection with some sort of included game music.

Anyhow, I will be replaying for music and fun. Favorited and followed.

Ivanovich78 responds:

Hey, thanks for such an unusually helpful comment, I've take in serious consideration your wise words, and implemented 1 and 2, point 3 for later...
Thank you very much for spend some time writing your feedback!

Great concept!
Just the fact that it has to do with a lock screen makes smartphone users want to play this.
It recognizes input patterns instantly and the valid pattern animation looks good.
And hats off for the small size - less than 300 KB.
Thanks for the medals too. I got them all with a little concentration.

My only suggestion is to give a mute option. Otherwise, very addictive fun game :) I love the pace of it and the slope of the difficulty is such that if you do fail when you retry you're not just doing a bunch of easy/slow ones first to get to the more complex patterns. Good job!

Ivanovich78 responds:

Glad you like it. Mute button added.

= It reminds me of Simon says.

Already has badges, i like :)