Reviews for "Screen Lock Hacker"

Well made game.

Where I can get this stream?

Make a mute button. I'm not listening to that crap. Hence I'm not playing your game

This reminded me of that one game whose name I can not remember. It helped that you had the great music of Lady Gaga, especially in remix form. You could have maybe had some more detail in the medal designs. Okay, that's way too nitpicky. I was impressed at how I was able to get so far. Then again, it seemed to be a lot easier than I thought it would be.

I got a high score, but then again, not many people have played this game. I'm surprised this does not have more views, because it's quite enjoyable. I guess so many games have medals nowadays, they aren't distinct anymore. The current high score is someone from the USA called MatthewF with a score of 1,090,964. You are awesome!

please someone tell me who is the song artist, the song is great and the game was fun keep it up