Reviews for "M.S.A.: Fluttertime!"

Favorite...Favorite...FAVORITE!!!!! You sir are amazing, well done. This was well worth the wait :D

Fatelogic responds:

I'm glad it paid off ^^

Fantastic game! One of, if not the very best adult game of its type on NG! Well made artwork (like the art style, too, personally), animation is very smooth, the action is fun, the sounds are great, and the story is fun while still being short enoug to get right into the action (I was right there with Lance when Flutter was talking: so cute it's sexy)! I also liked the end menu that lets me continue the story or go back for more (this IS a porn game, after all: the story's fun, but I know why I'm here).

However, just because it's awesome doesn't mean it's perfect. I have several suggestions for making the next one even better (ranked from hardest to easiest to implement, I think):

1) Change the sequence transitions from "fade to black" to actual transitions. i.e. when I ask her to start blowing me faster, actually show her switching up instead of fading out and back in to the new sequence.

2) Different BGM sound options - Music, Voice, SFX - would allow better customization of the experience. If I don't want to hear the voices (no matter how sexy)

3) Add a skip button, so if we've already played and just want to have some fun later, we can dive right in (I can see it skipping to right when we see her on the bed first time and she says "Welcome home, master"...).

4) On a very minor note, the command buttons could be a Bit bigger for legibility (does that say Sop Fap or Slow Fap? I have better then perfect vision and even I have to squint a bit).

All in all, though, these are just ways to improve and add onto an already excellent game. I can actually see this becoming a series similar to Meet'n'Fuck. Please keep it up, and I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Fatelogic responds:

Glad u found this game so much of your liking bro ^^

I do agree with all your points, and to tell you the truth, they were all taken into account for this game. Sadly, they couldn't be implemented for the following reasons:

1) That's just impossible for an amateur flash programmer such as myself xD Sorry, that's still way out of my reach.

2) Audio files are SIZE LEECHES for flash programs. This game is like... 75% of it's total weight in sound. It wouldn't be a problem though... except because of NG's size restrictions to 20MB maximum... please watch the size of my game at the "File info" part of the "Credits & Info" tab at the left of the screen... catch my point?

3) I should have, and am still considering it. I'm just taking a break from this enormous project xD Once I've cooled off enough, I'll see what can be done.

4) I know, but it was either that or remaking the buttons from scrap, and even if it wasen't that big of a job, it still was a pain once you found 3 months of work finally put together and ready to publish XD

I hope these points have cleared some of your doubts, and thanks again for the kind feedback bro ^^

I swore I wouldn't fap to anything pony related. I fucking swore.

I do believe you spelled cutter wrong (cuter*)

Fatelogic responds:

Among many other typos.

To break it down to you, all the people who are wondering who is next after dashie, there is no next, fatelogic metioned he has no intention of continuing the MSA series. (that is really sad btw *sniff*)