Reviews for "M.S.A.: Fluttertime!"

not bad

First of all, I am german. And so, maybe my english description is not the best ... like other members do write here. Because it doesn't is my native language, okay !?

Okay, now to my review number 18 (and, the main reason why I have registered me here today ^^). Respect before Fatelogic !

Up to yesterday or the day before I was having no notion that MLP and furry porn in general (I know, your creatures are more humanoid, not really bestially ... no fear, dude, I was reading a lot by you first before I write maybe some nonsense ^^) can so much impress me. And inspire ! Besides the facts, that you have make that all mostly alone, without any a support team.

Your Fluttershy - or Flutters -is the best fictional creature I saw since long time here in a adult sex game. Okay, also Dashie is sweet, but, Flutter is now my new - personal - favorite animation.

You have make the eyes so cute, - the look so lustful, the body so sexy, the hair so nice, - when she smile, shy and amused ( in a really gentle way ), all that is perfection. A dream in design.

That she has these elvish ears, okay, your mood and taste. Also that she doesn't wear wings, in these point we agree, better so.

And "gameplay" with her (if you understand, how I mean that ^^) is awsome, the story, her voice - moans is passion. If she would be real, a dream comes true. Especially in your second game part, where she has now no sex role, only to talk with her is fine.

Make more from that, please. Naturally we all now curious to see, comes out a part three. And if you need for change your opinion first more donations from fans, I am sure, we have no problem.

5 stars for you, are you ready for round 2 ? ^^ ...

... to be continued ( next: a review for MSA 2 ^^)

Master piece. Played on other sites but know, I can say it "AWESOME". Oh the day I've played for first time, I don't even know who was Fluttershy LOL... I'm getting old

brilliant story, great mood and a hell of a great cliff hanger setting up for the next game :)

I love the way you set the mood with the music and the foggy effects, keeping things slightly blurry.