Reviews for "M.S.A.: Fluttertime!"

This game was amazing. I like the realistic tone of the dialogue and the animation is fantastic.I off on the road of the right hand to the next M.S.A. I hope it is even better than this one!

This is something i can see turning in to a Anime, all in all good work when and if you do a M.S.A.3 keep the story going.

I LOVED IT and rainbow round actally i perfer that since i actally can just go the the sex part without havving to read evrything elce since if played it multiple times AND PLEASE DO A MY SEXY ANTHRO 3 PLEASE

This was awesome. I was wondering Fate, when are you gonna make MSA 3. But anyways I give this five stars.

Wow, this was definitely a pretty satisfying experience, really. I didn't expect this to be more than a few interactive porn scenes, but it actually had a story that explains why things are going on the way they do. I often catch myself trying to imagine how the situations in a story-less porn game came to be, and this game spared me the work of inventing a convincing scenario.

First things first, I'd like to praise the excellent job you did with the graphics and animations. All of Flutters' poses look appropriately sexy and cartoony, and the animations are all pretty fluent and organic. I say organic because, at least in the vaginal sex scene, her expression changes a bit throughout the action in seemingly random ways, making it feel like more than just a simplistic loop.

Second, of course, the story. It wasn't exactly mind boggling, but it was pretty adequate for setting the mood of the game. I like how it explores the fact that anthros are haif human, half animal, and I sure like how both R.D. and Flutters are pretty well portrayed not only in their looks, but also in the personalities they display in the dialogs. I confess I was intending to skip through the dialogs at first, but then I changed my mind because reading the interactions between the charaters made it all slightly better... but I'm unable to describe how exactly, it just felt more right.

With all that said, my minor complaints are that, first of all, the fade-out and fade-in times are too long most of the time. It eventually stops being a problem, but it sure made me impatient in the start screen. Second, while I enjoy the bluesy song that plays throughout the game, I kinda wished it changed to something different in each scene.