Reviews for "Dr Vile- The Greater Good"

Really fun game, I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I just wanted to review to suggest something I didn't see in any of the other reviews.

There should be a different ending based upon how you choose to play the game. You can win the game without killing anyone, or you can win the game and kill everyone and needlessly destroy everything in town. I played through both ways and the ending was the same.

I agree with what other people have said that it would be nice to have a barter system and an upgrade system. I as well would like to kill Dr. Ben. However, if Dr. Ben is a good guy wouldn't he admit that he didn't destroy the meteor? Just a thought.

I think the game really has promise and I can't wait for the extended version, I have high hopes.

For those having trouble with defeating the enemies it is really easy to do and rarely get hurt. Attack them from below by first zapping them with the stun cannon. This works best if you back them up against a wall or object, but can be done if you are simply in the tile directly below them. Next bash your attack key. Usually you can kill them before they get off a swing. Avoid getting multiple enemies involved, attack people while they are alone or to where help is far enough off that you can kill them before the help gets there. Take the same position on the help and they should be cake. I have dispatched the whole town I only took four or five hits total. But you never even need to get into a fight. In houses you can coral people into other rooms or 'salvage' items from a distance they won't notice. It is pretty easy to do.

Again, great game (start) I can't wait to see more. Keep up the good work.

Sweet little game, though irritating how easy it was to mess up one fight and lose all your health.

Something with multiple chapters next time, maybe?

This game has so much potential! It's a great start indeed.

Graphics and gameplay are awesome, so I'll give some ideas that I have while I was playing. Sorry for my possible bad english.

-As you progress collecting stuff, you can earn more weapons or improve your stats, (speed, dmg, and stuff).
-Gathering another types of stuff, makes you enter in another areas, and that means more citizens or even police man. This idea can progress slowly into a army area, when enemys have weapons and moving vehicles.
-Skills to improve stealth techniques. This can get in to:
-Killing or not people, can possibly change your ending.
-A secret area to gather some unique stuff or upgrade, maybe?
-Invading base camps of another scientists?

I give 4.5 stars because I found this some kind of "first chapter". I wish you guys can improve the idea and make something really awesome. I wanna see Dr. Vile pwning all \o/

cool idea, nice graphics, and music is fine. my only problem is it is a bit hard, I died several times, but it is a challenge so I guess that's a good thing!

I enjoyed this game a lot! It was a fun concept, I'd definitely enjoy a sequel as well, where maybe you get to go after Dr Ben Evolent. Congratulations on 2nd place by the way.