Reviews for "Dr Vile- The Greater Good"

good game pretty funny

It's Dr. Wily meets Ratchet and Clank gone 2D.

If this gets worked on more, I'm just seeing Dr. Vile having so many little extras for resource collecting, like minion bots and a whole bunch of other amusing weapons and tools. Make it a full fledged RPG with Dr. Vile stat upgrades and upgrade to gathered resources (breaking into Area 51 for UFO parts comes to mind, I don't know why) and this will go far.

I really enjoyed it.

Great! Please take it farther!

Also, you should add something like a single-seat cushioned chair so that there's a bit more springs to be found. I found all the other resources well before finishing up springs. Thanks though, for putting springs in the fridge. :)

got every medal in one try

GreenPixel responds:

Wow, great job! I helped make the game and I can't even do that! :D

This game is fun- a short, simple distraction. Despite what other reviews say, the stun gun is actually useful- sometimes. In limited situations. When you are right next to an enemy. Honestly, that's the only thing that really bugged me about this. The core gameplay- running around and smashing things- works very well, and is quite a bit of fun. It's excellent for what it is- a short distraction. It's impressive that it was made in 48 hours, since it feels pretty polished, graphics wise.

Oh yeah, one other thing- I think you move faster when you move diagonal. It might just be an optical illusion, though.