Reviews for "Dr Vile- The Greater Good"

It's a really entertaining game and a good way to pass the time. I think there needs to be a larger play space and an easier way to obtain things in the house. Just my opinion! Great game!

cool idea, nice graphics, and music is fine. my only problem is it is a bit hard, I died several times, but it is a challenge so I guess that's a good thing!

I agree with HanzoKarasu, altho there are other possibilities, maybe you could have a small squad of robots or minions too follow you? maybe customise them for players (thugs, zombies, robots, aliens, mutants, etc) and unlockable weapons would be a huge plus, as well as bonus stats and abilities, a karma mechanic be cool, maybe missions too that directly effect karma, for example, mugging people or rescuing them, where as part hunting would fall between neutral depending on what you do, attack a scientist? a military base? civilians? Would you become the worlds scientist saviour or destroyer? be kind of awesome

I enjoyed this game a lot! It was a fun concept, I'd definitely enjoy a sequel as well, where maybe you get to go after Dr Ben Evolent. Congratulations on 2nd place by the way.

I thought this had some decent moments, but probably not something that was that good. I guess it just struck me as weird how the whole game was layed out. Dr. Vile looks like that one guy from "Tekken". In fact, the music even seems to remind me of that game. The artwork was a bit simplistic, but it didn't need to be complicated. At least the premise was very simple.

I especially appreciate how you can hit everything with the bat. You do have to be careful about not getting cocky. A guy can approach you from the side and hit you three times very quickly. Too bad the people you beat up don't give you supplies. It's still fun.