Reviews for "Dr Vile- The Greater Good"

The bats hitbox is so big that I never got hit once, fun game, I hope to see a full fledged version

I agree with HanzoKarasu, altho there are other possibilities, maybe you could have a small squad of robots or minions too follow you? maybe customise them for players (thugs, zombies, robots, aliens, mutants, etc) and unlockable weapons would be a huge plus, as well as bonus stats and abilities, a karma mechanic be cool, maybe missions too that directly effect karma, for example, mugging people or rescuing them, where as part hunting would fall between neutral depending on what you do, attack a scientist? a military base? civilians? Would you become the worlds scientist saviour or destroyer? be kind of awesome

good game pretty funny

This game has so much potential! It's a great start indeed.

Graphics and gameplay are awesome, so I'll give some ideas that I have while I was playing. Sorry for my possible bad english.

-As you progress collecting stuff, you can earn more weapons or improve your stats, (speed, dmg, and stuff).
-Gathering another types of stuff, makes you enter in another areas, and that means more citizens or even police man. This idea can progress slowly into a army area, when enemys have weapons and moving vehicles.
-Skills to improve stealth techniques. This can get in to:
-Killing or not people, can possibly change your ending.
-A secret area to gather some unique stuff or upgrade, maybe?
-Invading base camps of another scientists?

I give 4.5 stars because I found this some kind of "first chapter". I wish you guys can improve the idea and make something really awesome. I wanna see Dr. Vile pwning all \o/

Sweet little game, though irritating how easy it was to mess up one fight and lose all your health.

Something with multiple chapters next time, maybe?