Reviews for "Dr Vile- The Greater Good"

Great! Please take it farther!

Also, you should add something like a single-seat cushioned chair so that there's a bit more springs to be found. I found all the other resources well before finishing up springs. Thanks though, for putting springs in the fridge. :)

I enjoyed this game a lot! It was a fun concept, I'd definitely enjoy a sequel as well, where maybe you get to go after Dr Ben Evolent. Congratulations on 2nd place by the way.

Sucks, because even if you wreck EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS, you will not have enough coil.

it will be much greater if theres many weapons

I was just curious if this game had a 2'nd ending, when no one gets hurt during the collection. Checked it... Well, it hadn't and that's a pity -_- It could be a nice story with a cool puenta like the falsity of the phrase "the end justifies the means". Well, just wondering :)