Reviews for "Dr Vile- The Greater Good"

It seems arbitrarily harder to get springs than other items. If other items were similar in how only a few given objects dropped them, it would seem more fair- as it is, most of my attempts are stymied by the exact same item every time, which is always buried in the back of a building behind several enemies. Yes, I was running pacifist.

I like the game getting the materials was fun but maybe adding a system like, you can use different materials to make different weapons and parts of the death ray. I just thought the game was way to short.

Cool. But poor Dr. Vile...

genius i loved the idea but it was somtimes hard not getting hit

This was a really impressive game for a Ludum Dare. I would have rated this highly even if it wasn't completed in such a short time, it's a really solid short game. To be honest, I was left wanting more quests.

I'd like to see the game expanded into a more full length game, with different quests where he has to go around smashing things. Here's some ideas:

-Make it so you can talk to people. Usually, Dr Vile says something completely awkward and freaks out the townspeople, such as "Do you mind if I smash your television to bits?" To make it interesting here, make it so random people will go aggro on Dr Vile just because he talks to them. This also opens up the door to mini-quests for Dr Vile to obtain rare items needed by doing chores and etc for some of the townspeople.

-Upgrade system which gives Dr Vile better weapons, bags/carts to carry more items he finds, efficiency (more usable electronic components from each television he busts up, etc), health, etc.

-Give Dr Vile a chance to actually move up/down the evil/good rankings with each quest completed, with modifiers that increase or reduce his rankings based on how he completes each quest (time for completion, bonus rare parts that make his inventions better, etc)

-Henchmen/women and Lexe-bots.

-Some quests are to create new inventions Dr Vile can use in future quests, such as an anti-gravity gun that makes people and some objects hover temporarily, different types of weapons, various tools, etc.

-Make some townspeople harder to dispose of and stronger, some that are quicker or on bicycles and skateboards, and make pets. Make some people spit out money when incapacitated (see below)

-New items: Copper, plastic, money, computer parts, wire, etc

Bunch of ideas, I know. It's already an awesome game, and it looks like you are open to new ideas and feedback, so I'm pretty sure you know I'm not complaining. Best of luck in the future, I'll keep an eye out for more games from you.