Reviews for "Dr Vile- The Greater Good"

i like this game it is so fun and delicously evil HAHA lol but i want a part two where we get to kill dr viles enemy for what he done and i want to be able to kill him not dr vile >:)

Great game for a Ludum Dare! I really hope you take this further to a longer game... it has a lot of potencial.

nice game but nedds a larger space and to be even long

honestly this a really great game and i would really like for you guys to take it further i want to see him actually build more contraptions and see if he can kill that other scientist or slowly wipeout all the competition until it's a one on one against Dr. Ben with multiple contraptions that the player can make from collecting all sorts of materials. just throwing out some ideas there but yeah i really enjoyed this game

It is a fun little distraction to play if you have 30 minutes to kill.