Reviews for "Dr Vile- The Greater Good"

Kind of lazy programming, the things just flash when I hit them, and I get these things I have no use for, apparently. What pisses me off the most is how you have as much range as the enemy, so really, you're just trading hits. The menu is also kind of glitchy with the random }s.

Has to be three stars for now, since it's just a teaser. I agree with other reviewers about features, bartering, etc. Should be a game mechanic of continuously upgrading your demented tech. Specifically: 1) How about a gizmo to make Dr. Vile more intelligent (and then use his intelligence to improve the brain-improving gizmo and so on) so he can actually become the world's greatest scientist. 2) Mind Control. 3) Improved combat gear like shields, flying, stealth, grabby arms etc. in addition to basic weapon upgrades. 4) Running your Evil Empire with minions, subterranean fortress, big engineering projects, bribes to make the authorities ignore your enormous underground fortress.

Yes. Make a sequel. I want to destroy Dr Ben.

The concept was great. Loved whacking NCPs and destroying all of their crap. Pixel format is always my favorite and I think Dr Vile should turn his computerized companion into an android designed to kill Dr Ben and wreck all kinds of havoc.

This concept has been done to death, but it's still a good one.
As it stands now, it's way too simple to give me any excitement, but an actual "upgrade your death ray" mechanic would make this enjoyable.
I know the aim was to make a simple game, but that just doesn't cut it anymore. Instead of beating up everything, it would've been much more interesting to barter with people for specific parts(like tesla capacitors, laser targeting systems or something funnier, you can go crazy with names). Obviously you would need to get these developed parts from the better scientists, explaining how is Vile the worst. With interesting characters, funny dialogs, death ray developement, and a little logic this could turn out good.
By the way, I disagree with the other comments, beating people is easy, you just need to get the hang of it(and you get that after the first fight you have..). You can keep it as a side mechanic, but it shouldn't be the focus.