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Reviews for "Qoosh"

Very nice!

the ending is so cool :) nice game

Great game, loved the mechanics, It was awesome. a bit of a sad ending, but the gameplay was well rounded, challenging but not impossible. the story was humorous, and a bit expectable but there WAS a story. there were a ton of portal references, and the game play felt sort of similar. as that the inspiration for this? I saw at least one cake joke. This has been one of the best plat formers I've played, and definitely the best with this sort of theme and message. it strikes me as ironic how completely oblivious the scientist is, but ti surprises me that the Government agent let that happen at the end :/

Good game! Request it on Steam Greenlight, I'd pay money for this shit. I'm serious.

Great game, very good fun! Plus @TheSpaceCore, sorry but you aren't at Aperture labs anymore, your in Spaaaaaace!