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Reviews for "Qoosh"

Great game, really enjoyed it - challenging and inventive.

Finally a really good game with teleporting. I like the difficulty and I like that guy talking. Also there's a rather cool stary behind it, especially when that limiter thingsy broke and you could teleport all over the place. My friend, your game is worth playing!

Awesome game! I loved playing this. Was fun and creative. The game looks good; I low how the blob looks lol, and the voice actor sounded cool. I loved the quirky look of the blob and the announcer's interaction with him too lol.

Overall, sweet and simple game which refreshingly offers very creative and challenging puzzles to an otherwise familiar mechanic. I loved playing this--from beginning to end. :)

This game deserves credit for being creative. I think the best part about it is discovering how to teleport. It's weird, because it reaches a point in the second chamber where I am simply unable to advance. I thought I would be better at a game like this. I do like the really strange environment. It gives you a sense of uniqueness.

It's actually kind of creepy when you think about it. It's especially jarring to hear the narrator talk about making science out of you. Or making science out of Qoosh, if that is his name. The music adds well to the creepiness. I don't know what the blue boxes do.

AethosGames responds:

If you feel like giving it another go and dont mind that I'm about to take away the fun of discovering the real mechanic on your own, you can switch places with stuff when you teleport.

In my head, I figured from the thumbnail that this game would be either too predictable and boring, or new, innovative, and fun in general. You earned the latter. Pixel games are some of my favorite sort, and this was one of the more entertaining ones I've played in a long while. The fact that it had actual voice acting surprised me, as that's rare these days, and what more; it was actually REALLY good voice acting. I found myself immersed in a new world, where the scientist was the guy really giving me the rules. His character didn't get old, and his personality stayed amusing, and even though the game was rather short, I enjoyed the bit of character development he got. I really hope to see more from him in the future.

Now, teleporting isn't a new feature in general, but the way it was handled in this was quite fun. Most games give you limits on how much you can teleport, or make it faaar too overpowered. You took an old trick and made it into something new and fun. You can only teleport up to a certain distance, and you can only teleport once you land (From what I saw anyway.) You also offer new ways to utilize this teleportation ability, which is also good.

Game play was straight forward, and even though I found myself frustrated in a few minor areas, I'd suggest amping up the difficulty, or perhaps offering a harder mode or even multiple objectives to completing each level. I'm no game designer by any means, but I'm sure extras can be difficult, but keep in mind, this is coming from a random player, and I suppose players know what they like in a game (Not that this one was bad by any means.) The game itself was also extraordinarily short, or at least it felt like it.

It'd be neat to see some stuff in the future from this series. I could easily see a sequel for this game if you ever felt up to the project. Maybe you could offer a level editor? Maybe even the ability to customize our Qoosh? Another interesting idea would be moving enemies, or even enemy Qqosh. I'd also suggest hiding the candy just a bit better (Though I did feel accomplished after finding them all.)

All in all, this is a good game, with some good improvements to other games like it, a nice and simple story, decent music, and gameplay that doesn't down right have you ripping out hair.

If you add a sequel though, try making it just a bit harder, and maybe add in some other features to keep a gamer's interest. Good job though, I give this game a 4 out of 5, and I still feel like I might be a BIT strict in this one's rating.