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Reviews for "Qoosh"

tick tick boom!

This game's core mechanic (the slow motion teleport circle) comes from a game a few years ago called Focus. Now, in my opinion, Focus was a much better game. However it irks me to see so many people commenting on this "unique and creative" game, when it seems to me like someone just took all the humour from portal and applied it to a game that's not even their own idea. Try coming up with something original, AethosGames.

AethosGames responds:

Focus is purely teleporting, my teleporting mechanic works in an entirely different way. The addition of the linked switching mechanic completely changes the gameplay. But apparently you didn't get past level 2, otherwise you would have realized that the two games are completely different. Not to mention that Focus' purely keyboard based teleporting is cumbersome and clunky. I believe my implementation of teleporting is better overall as well.

its a fun game i think is 10 grandfathers of 12

I beta tested this and is was amazing this is just bewildering! :D

I do love the storyline, it's interesting and fun.
The game is not too hard, but not too easy either, I especially loved The Portal jokes and the similar yet unique gameplay of Portal, I found the cake joke to be very funny.
> Although, the only downside I have to this game is purely the fact that at points the male seems a bit too much like GLaDOS and the fact that you didn't give any credit to Portal which the game is obviously influenced by. But that's my only con of this game. Other than that, nice artwork, and good playthrough.