Reviews for "Qoosh"

Another platformer... oh but wait! this one is a portal knock-off! WOWEE!

people keep trashin this cause its a knock off of some game focus, well i say "stop it..... stop it". ive never played this other game and have no intention to do so, and using likewise elements from other games isn't stealing its called evolution, as long as there's improvements on the original concept. where would flash games be if no one implements the pointer in the game just cause someone did it a long time ago?
as far as the game goes, OMG its totally a rip off of Spewer!!! lol

AethosGames responds:

If people played this game past level 2, they would realize that it's very different from any teleporting game.

Gray Screen for Windows 8

One of the best flash games I've played so far. It's like an indie game in itself. I can easily tell that much effort was put into this, and I appreciate that you took the time to add humor elements to separate it from similar "test-chamber" games.

This game is awesome, get past the 1st few levels before you start calling out your ZOMG its a clone bullshit.