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Reviews for "Qoosh"

finally done.
after almost 80 minutes.
it was okey game.
very stressful ..

bit like test subject

I really, really enjoyed it from start to finish. The game mechanics are great and although there are similar titles, the warping execution seemed unique. The dialogue wasn't unfunny, but it felt more like ripping off Portal than a subtle nod to it, which grated with me slightly. Some of the sound effects also ended up being annoying in their repetition, especially the warp and death noises. I liked the simple art and the animation of the main critter looked lovely.

As with all good games, it left me wishing there was more. I didn't think I had time to play it when I loaded it, but then had to sit and finish it. Excellent.

How could you destroy poor little cute thing Qoosh?! D:
Amazing game... but... poor green cute blob :(

AethosGames responds:

It's only quantum deconstruction. I might put him back together someday ;)

Another platformer... oh but wait! this one is a portal knock-off! WOWEE!