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Reviews for "Qoosh"

I love this game, it has portal references, that portal feeling, but still a touch of individuality.

Reminds me of Focus with Portal story elements. It feels like you should be able to instant-warp as soon as you hit the ground after finishing a warp, but there is a mandatory wait period which makes more fancy play near impossible. :/

Otherwise, fun game - killed a few minutes.

Like other people here, this game does indeed have that portal feeling, But that does not mean this game was a lousy rip off. This game showed a different game play, where the puzzles and challenges may be similar, but the different elements gives it that fun taste. I've enjoyed this game quite a lot, and from the dark narrator to the cute green character we control.

fun game, just wondering, is there an alternative ending (ie, quoosh doesnt get de-atomised?)

i think what was quite annoying (at first) was that there wasn't a tutorial level just to ease the player into the game. U had to figure it out, which was nice to do, but a bit annoying at first (ie, how u could teleport boxes with your current position etc). Having said that, nice game. A good take on a teleport game. I reckon there has to be a quoosh 2 :)

I thought the puzzles were top-notch, and the writing and voice acting were absolutely superb!! The actor and the writing were a perfect fit! The game pulled me in and made me want to keep playing until I completed it. The ending was a bit unsatisfying, however.