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Reviews for "Qoosh"

Actually, I'm fairly sure this games is inspired by a game called Focus with an identical concept.

AethosGames responds:

And I am fairly sure that you are incorrect. The only similarity is that they both have teleporting. However, that is where the similarities end. I use the teleporting mechanic in an entirely different way, linking it with a switching mechanic. This changes up the game hugely.

Well I came here to talk about the portal element but I see that pretty much every single review already mentions it ... haha. This is a superbly well made game, but the narrator annoys me, more personally because of the accent and tone, and less personally because the script is just objectively not very good.

Apart from the narration this is a very clean game. Plays very smoothly. Very enjoyable, very solid.

On a side note, I can't believe we don't see this teleport mechanism more often in these platformer puzzle games. I find that you implemented it very well. I love the slow motion sphere-of-teleportation, and additionally it's just very fun to jump around and teleport everywhere to move faster.

Obviously inspired by portal, but I love the direction it goes in. Love the game and the sense of humor.

Has a little bit of a control issue and some lagging on my system, but that's probably me. I have some hardware installed that doesn't get along with flash sometimes.

Emmm... ¿portal?

Okay, like...well, everyone said before, the sarcastic guy was too much portal-ish, reminded me like a mix between Glados and Cave Johnson. I think if you had done something different with the narrator it would have been an AMAZING game!
Right now it is just plain old awesome.
(spoiler ahead for people who didn't played this game yet)
But while you did something like portal that i think could have done some other way, the one think that had portal you should have copied you didn't, the blob finding a way out! When the limiter got broken i was like "oh boy, here we go" but nothing happened, which was really disappointing.
Nonetheless, great game! This is what i was looking for when i said today "i'm going to play a puzzle on portal, hope it will be something original"

AethosGames responds:

I actually had a non-portal theme when I first started the game project, but almost nobody understood how it worked, even with me explaining it to them! Once I switched to this oh-so-familiar lab scenario, pretty much everyone suddenly got it. The portalesque setting is actually more a tutorial element.