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Reviews for "Qoosh"

It was by no means origional but it was still a very fun game.

Excellent. I loved the scientist-blob relationship in the storyline, the voice acting was perfect haha. Great puzzle game too. Well done.

I spent a bit of time jumping around the last level trying to figure out a way to get a secret ending, but either because it was non-existent or because of my own incompetence, I couldn't find it. It was disappointing too. In the final box where the game ends, there are two of those things that can be destroyed by turrets on the ceiling, but it seemed impossible to bring anything through there because it was blocked by an anti teleportation field thing. I tried firing bullets down the hallway and then warping onto them to try and bend them down into the final room, but I gave up on that since there's a wall there anyway.

This is pretty interesting.

There is one major problem in the level in which Mr. Smith pushes a switch that prevents all warps
1. nothing happens
2. when i click restart, the game freezes
3. i can't go beyond this point in the game; ive tried several times.

If there wasn't this problem I would give you 4 full starts.

AethosGames responds:

Actually, he doesn't prevent warps, he makes their distance unlimited. You just have to warp down.

one of the best games i have ever played
the mecanisim is soo awsome
the slow motion
the grapics all 5 stars +fav
passed the hole game and i hope i can get the time medal