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Reviews for "Qoosh"

Great mechanics, loved trying to figure out those puzzles, and it felt really well thought out. That being said, the voice kind of just came off as trying way to hard to sound like an asshole. I just couldn't believe him, it sounded a forced. Great voice actor mind you, I just dont think he was suited for the role.

Beautifully designed. The game teaches you with visual and gameplay cues rather than tutorial messages and it does so perfectly. Egoraptor actually explains it pretty well in his MegamanX sequilitis and I think he too would be very pleased with this game.

AethosGames responds:

I should see if he will play it on Game Grumps.

As others have said, definitely reminded me of portal. Good mechanics though and love the art. 4.5 stars.

Anybody else thinking "Portal" almost instantly?

AethosGames responds:

I know I did.

Brilliant mechanics, ending a bit "shoot the shaggy dog", love it.