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Reviews for "Uirdz"

on your tag, I think the word you wanted was massacre, not masocore. Well, it was more frustrating than fun.Your graphics were alright, and music was nice. but that was about it. There's no way I could ever make those time limits so once I found that it dosen't count the level as complete, I pretty much quit playing.

paste42 responds:

No, there's a genre of games called masocore, which are brutally difficult. This game doesn't reeeeally fit, but it's close enough. Google it.

If target times are going to be based around how well you can drag things with a mouse cursor, you should probably make sure that the action of dragging things with the mouse cursor actually works intuitively, rather than having it jump the position of the word on mouseDown to some vague orientation around the cursor itself.

This is way too hard, target times are like impossible! Also dragging words is just stupid. And AWD as controls is not a good thing. Either make them customizable or change them. And those graphics, they are just horrible. Next time you make a game, put more effort in it, and make it possible to gain all medals. Sorry if this sounds rude, but I just say what this is.

Maybe it is my computer, but I LITERALLY can't get target times. Even on the first board, I watched hte timer with me JUST running from left to right. And it was more than 2.2 when I got to the end. So even if I dragged the words perfectly on the first try, I would have missed. Since there is no way to run faster, it is impossible to beat the target. And on other levels it is practically the same thing, even when it DOES require some hesitation to drag the words properly.

Good games have REAL difficulty situatoons not just "do everything perfectly without making a single error.

paste42 responds:

I know that flash has a lot of problems with lag sometimes and can be fickle. This (or your computer) may be the reasion the first target time seems impossible. All I can tell you is that many people have beaten target times for harder levels than the first (although I know that even that first target time takes quite a bit of practice). Sometimes a simple reload can fix the problem, but sometimes it's just the computer. I've had similar experiences of target times being impossible in flash in better games than mine.

I'd suggest just trying it without going for the target times, as I'd hope that there would be other redeeming qualities of the game. If not, then thanks for giving it a try and thanks for the honest review!

too difficult in the rules of gaming it states that no matter what game it must be beatable by all people thus zero stars you programming noob