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Reviews for "Uirdz"

Well the game is fun and all, but it's really annoying that the game page popup every time you pull the words...

paste42 responds:

Bug has been fixed, feel free to give it another shot!

pretty lame and simplistic

It's different, but I wouldn't say it's enjoyable. The target times were way too strict to bother with, and if you're not trying for those, the game loses a lot. Dragging words around and placing them just seems kind of boring, and a lot slower than other platformers. I appreciate that you tried to utilize two completely different concentrations, but it just doesn't work well enough.

I didn't have much fun. I think you'd be better off making a platformer with some good basic level design than relying on the text dragging gimmick and frustration. :/

If target times are going to be based around how well you can drag things with a mouse cursor, you should probably make sure that the action of dragging things with the mouse cursor actually works intuitively, rather than having it jump the position of the word on mouseDown to some vague orientation around the cursor itself.