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Reviews for "Uirdz"

Extremely frustrating, I love it... the target time on some of the levels seems nearly impossible.

The game is awesome i like the idea! I probably gonna make videos about this game!
http://www.youtube.com/user/stelaras9 7 you ll see it there

paste42 responds:

cool! looking forward to it!

.....Are target times even possible o.o?

I know I am no good in eye-hand coordination, but...
Keep losing the level "AM I RIGHT". Still can't find the sweet spot to do the 2nd row jump. It is sad. I start being mad at myself, as this is SUCH a good game :(

paste42 responds:

here are a couple of hints: use AM for the second row. also, keep in mind that if you run off the edge of a one-block-high platform, you can make it past 3 spikes before hitting the ground

Good game. Music does get a bit annoying.