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Reviews for "Uirdz"

This is the sort of innovative gameplay I come to Newgrounds to find and enjoy. Outstanding!

I just read jonbro's review and couldn't disagree more, though i think it is a good, reasoned review.

first of all, as he already mentioned, the concept is very original and turns the basic jump and run into something... larger, which is innovative but carefully thought out and fun to play.

but i don't think that precise mouse control corresponds so badly with fast arrow key movement (just take call of duty, battlefield etc. for example). in this game, just a little reorientation is necessary, and i am truly sorry if one can't manage that. i din not find the controls too slippery or sensitive, i made it through each level without any control-related complication (though it took me some tries) and did not even come across one of the mentioned bugs.

the overall game and level design really pleased me. the colors match really good, the comments at the begin of each level are hilarious and the secret levels are hidden quite intelligently. keep it up!

paste42 responds:

I feel as though this review is by someone who really "gets it". I understood when making Uirdz that the control scheme was pretty new and different, and that some people would be resistant to it. I'm glad when players are able to appreciate the novelty and find them intriguing enough to adapt to. Reviews like this one remind me that the design choices I made aren't necessarily flaws, but opinions that players may agree or disagree with. Thanks!

Make An E-rated Uirdz!

paste42 responds:

It's coming!

Hey This game is one of a kind I have never seen something like this before! Great job!
Also could tell me what the sound track is for the game? It's flipping amazing sounding!

paste42 responds:

I made the soundtrack myself. There's a link to it in the game description. Thanks!

how much I die playing this game? :((((((( and soo much drain time orz
not-human game

but hopefully I can finish it, expect secret medal. only 6/8
good game. addictive. but annoying (because too hard)