Reviews for "Uirdz"

Great game! Really fun and challenging. Wouldn't change anything :-)

this is the best game i ever played today

I really liked this game ! It has a really pleasant and responsive engine, and the word-dragging gimmick is a great way to incite multitasking. The difficulty was just right because I never felt my deaths were because of the controls/engine but entirely my fault, unlike some others like Super Meat Boy. If anything I thought some goals were actually too easy, like the two "FADE" levels and a few end-game target times.

Speaking of target times, I'm kind of surprised so many people find them "impossible". Yes, they are hard, but they aren't the sort of thing you should expect to try and beat on the first try ; if you keep trying, the shortest route for each level will eventually become obvious. The levels are short, so there aren't THAT many possible ways to beat them. I got to admit moving while dragging the words at the same time takes a bit of practice though, but nothing "impossible".

I talked about what's the most important of any game for me, but everything else is also pretty neat. The general flavor of the game is quite funny and the music pretty catchy. I'm not a very big fan of the graphics because that "retro" style had been kind of overdone to me but it "gets the job done", haha.

So yeah overall I think this is a great game, so good job paste. Also for those guys who think it's even possible to 100% the game, well I did, so hah !

one of the best games of plataform i have played
i love 8 bit games they are the best and his was no exeption
all the lvl are awsome
and that boss played it more than 100 times i think
GG my friend

Level 11, "is it possible", was very creative.