Reviews for "The End of Pi"

Some random things are really quite funny. But this was not. The abrupt ending had no effect whatsoever on the comedy. That and the animation was poor. Some of the faces were funny, I guess...
Sorry bro, 2 for effort.

All y'all haters down there just need to get a sense of humor, this is great.

It's funny because.....um....because it's a rock type Pokemon...and uhhh....electric type Pokemon. Heh...they AREN'T VERY EFFECTIVE...against uh....against the rock types.

No...no that's not what was funny about it...hold on...

It's FUNNY...because the trainer with the Geodude had to um...had to put a piece of tape with Geodude's name on it? That way he didn't throw out the wrong Pokeball...no, wait...lemme try again.

It was the way he THREW the ball...all limp wristed? No? Okay, then it HAD to have been the goofy face? Or at least that a red glow effect was added to his eyebrows? No that's not very funny, hold on, I'M REALLY TRYING HERE. I'LL GET THIS! Just...gimme a second...

Maybe the funny bit was because the guy with "Pi" was nearly naked and oiled up? ....Really? That wasn't the funny part? Because it WAS pretty silly...I mean, they normally don't do that in the Pokemon games, right? This IS a Pokemon parody, isn't it? ....Is THAT what's funny about it? Because it's yet another Pokemon Parody. Everybody's doing them so they must be great ...Damn, thought I had it...

Okay okay okay...THIS FLASH IS FUNNY....because Pi did his annoying little "Pi" call, right? Haha...BUT....instead of it killing Geodude, heh....Geodude CRUSHED Pi into a bloody heap. BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE! AFTER PI got crushed! Hahaha, the Geodude went RIGHT UP TO IT'S TRAINER'S FACE....OHOHOHO....AND gave him a BLOODY FUCKING MIDDLE FINGER!!!! LOL

THAT NEVER happens in the Pokemon games! That makes it hilarious!

I totally nailed it! YES!

Cute. Somebody thinks he's SpeedoSausage.

Everything that was good was borrowed. Pi is comedy gold but you didn't add anything new.

Another bad ripoff of Oney and Psychicpebble

SwagMuffin responds:

As much as I am flattered that you would compare my work to Zach and Chris's work, I do not see the connection. First of all the art and animation style is completely different from each of theirs and the the main voice work is not even close to their voices. I can understand that looking back on it how you could relate the face geodude makes to some of Zachs reaction faces, but you have to understand, I have been drawing that face and many simlar since I was probably 6 years old. I can honestly though give you credit for catching the voice at the end and relating it to zach, allthough I cannot see why you would let your anger flow at such a small relation to a fellow animator. I do not understand why as soon as a fan of a big animator or artist sees something that is similar to the style that they enjoy and that they consider copying, why they must bash it, if they enjoy the style in the first place is shouldnt be a problem.
so fuck off