Reviews for "The End of Pi"

Geodude's face made it worth the watch.
Great job getting on the front page.

SwagMuffin responds:

Haha thanks dude

It was a bit predictable. The title gave it away.

Congrats on the front page, though!

SwagMuffin responds:

Thanks lol love your name

Serious question, was this video influenced in any way by RicePirate's video? I know I've heard both the Pi screech and the Pi dubstep before. But then I'm thinking that maybe you were involved in the creation of that.
That's my only basis of thinking that it's a rip-off, but if it's not, then don't mind this useless comment.

SwagMuffin responds:

Actually Hans Van Harken, or on newgrounds AlmightyHans, was the first to create Pi, Ricepirate in fact parodied that animation and I decided to parody them both, I really do not see why people accuse this of beig a rip off if RicePirates was a parody as well.
But eh, people are allowed their own opinions.

is there a link to the song at the end?

what a ripoff

SwagMuffin responds:

If you provided a quality example of that then I would provide a quality response.