Reviews for "Mat Rempit : The Chase"

Great game, it was put together well and provided enough of a challenge that made the whole experience enjoyable. an interesting story line that kept your understanding and attention. I didn't notice any problems with my computer. the game was clean and well drawn and I really did enjoy playing it.

josh-tamugaia responds:

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it! Thanks for your feed back, wham.

I really like it! I love the aspect and story line, but the only thing that I huffed at,, is that its kinda short. Make it a little bit longer, and maybe add another boss, and make it a little bit harder. It seemed almost too easy since I breezed right through it when I was expecting to be demolished a couple times. But overall, I loved the game!

josh-tamugaia responds:

Noted. Thanks a lot!

Fun Fun FUN!! I need better menu; Taking my hand off the arrow keys to get in and out meant I was going to take some hits. Needs to be longer too. Games over just as I was getting into it.

I don't want to sound like I'm badass or anything, but I found the game surprisingly easy. :)

The upgrades are cool - albeit a little to few - and the laser gun sucks bigtime. It shoots only once in every while and it's damage is not SO devastating in comparison to what the rifle can do - in a eye-o-meter, the rifle's DPS seemed quite larger than the laser's - at least for the heavier vehicles. Laser is devastating on bikes.

I really like the concept, specialy so being a passionate biker myself. I can totally relate to the "Only me and my motorcycle" feeling. :)

Game is simple, yet loads of fun.

Keep it up, bro.

josh-tamugaia responds:

I'm sorry you didn't like the laser... Actually the laser's true strength is th ability to damage more than one vehicles at a time. It has a radial damage. Other weapons can only hit one vehicle. Thanks for the review. It is helpful.

Awesome game, guys. I think if anything, the only complaint I have about this game is that it only had 8 waves...it probably could've lasted longer