Reviews for "Mat Rempit : The Chase"

may be my computer but I'm unable to move and aim at the same time...makes things very hard....otherwise its a blast

josh-tamugaia responds:

Yes, it should be the issue that I mentioned in the comments. Please try a different browser and it should be ok. Thanks

This game was good. The animation at the beginning and end were good. Gameplay was solid and the difficulty wasn't to bad, but enough to provide a challenge. The weapon and health system were somewhat lacking, though. I was disappointed in the graphics during the game, they could have been better. The story line was just awful, cut scenes and more waves would have made the game much more interesting, especially if alternate vehicles were available. (Spoiler alert), the helicopter at the end was just cheesy! almost funny... but not quite there. I also disprove of the fact that I can die, yet return to the same level with full health and no negative consequences. The music was well selected.

Solid gameplay
Good intro/end sequences
Somewhat challenging
Good soundtrack

Low quality graphics during gameplay
Short gameplay
Lacking money/shop system
Controls can get stuck occasionally
Somewhat uninteresting storyline
Unfulfilled ending

josh-tamugaia responds:

Thanks for your lengthy input. It will help a lot when I make later games.

Good story, good graphics, good game - if a bit short and easy.

Adding more chapters to the story, increasing difficulty would be great
- may have to widen the road to allow more movement with lots of bullets flying around.

josh-tamugaia responds:

TonyWilk... you again! Haha. Thanks again for your suggestions. I've noted them down, and will be used as guide for developing my upcoming games.

I really like it! I love the aspect and story line, but the only thing that I huffed at,, is that its kinda short. Make it a little bit longer, and maybe add another boss, and make it a little bit harder. It seemed almost too easy since I breezed right through it when I was expecting to be demolished a couple times. But overall, I loved the game!

josh-tamugaia responds:

Noted. Thanks a lot!

It was a fun game, but if I had to pick one criticism it would be that the waves were too short. Perhaps having three groups of enemies towards the end would have been a good addition, as well as making the helicopter smaller, it was just way too easy to hit. Still fun though, good job!

josh-tamugaia responds:

Thanks. Waves too short? More enemies...??? Good idea for a sequel!