Reviews for "Mat Rempit : The Chase"

this agme was okk

One of the easiest games I've ever played ! You're lucky I like easy games ;)
Graphics are a bit slow on my computer. And I laughed at the end: "I have the victory. For now. Temporarily. But it's not over." xD

not everyone has a igh end computer (like me) i have a single core processor with 2gigs of ram and a 32-bit windows xp i cant run this game well in the future use a graphix option so it will run smoother because im telling my driver to move and the delay on it is significant so much so i cant even play but it is a good concept and i did like it

It could be pretty cool, but it needs work.

In terms of difficulty, I found it to be very easy. I beat it without dying (came close though) That really doesn't change my rating either way. I'm just mentioning it because other people have said that it was very hard and I felt I would weigh in.

As far as the controls go, you made the right choice with moving with WASD. People who make you move with the arrow keys while using the mouse should be slapped.

I'm a big believer in the idea that if you can't play the game without adjusting/repositioning your hand(s), your controls are bad. I can't reach ESC without removing my hand from WASD. 5 & 6 are quite a stretch. I think the game would have been vastly improved if pause/shop/menu was Space instead of ESC and if you could cycle through the weapons using q/e. That way you could play the entire game without repositioning your hands.

I think the game would have benefited from a little more depth or cheaper weapons. I didn't get the last weapon until partway through the last wave. It would have been cool to have it for a bit longer. I also think it would be cool to have weapon upgrades.

The game gets a bit repetitive. Something the keep it interesting would be nice.

All in all it was a well made game. While it would be better if something was unique each round, like a wider variety of enemies, the only major downfall of this game is it's control scheme.

I was really interested as to how easy this seemed at first. There were some enemies that only shot at you once in awhile! Of course, the deleted health really weighs you down. I thought at first that you were supposed to shoot at the trucks on your side of the road. Now, I'm fairly certain you're not supposed to. The graphics were fairly good especially with the enemy projectiles.

I didn't watch the cutscene because there wasn't a medal I could get by watching it. Yeah, that's pretty much the criteria I have for sitting through cut scenes. I have regular flashes for that! The music was good and the mood worked out well. It's pretty easy to understand too.