Reviews for "Mat Rempit : The Chase"


josh-tamugaia responds:

yea right

I tried to use the other weapons purchased, but for some reason, even jabbing the button several times wouldn't allow me to use a new weapon. :/

Mat Rempit means "Illegal Racer" in Malay...So i gave this a five one

josh-tamugaia responds:

I know. Haha! Maybe next game it would be Minah Rempit.

Not bad.. although i wish a little more was added to the graphics to make it like i was on a high speed chase.. not a slow parade.


Wasnt the worst thing I've played.
Thought it had its ok points.
But i cant rate it higher.
I like the core concept and it plays well enough.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Hmmm... not helpful at all... I rate this comment 1.5/5