Reviews for "The Return"

Stop creating art? um.. pffft, NO.

There, bro. You have been freed. Create away. :)

jcarignan443 responds:

Thank you :)

Why anyone would tell another human being to "stop doing art" is beyond me. Art is a wonderful tool to express oneself, let alone the amazing therapeutic qualities it has. Chances are if they're telling you to stop doing art, I'm not sure if they are people you should be looking up to. :(

Plus you're really good at it. Keep it up regardless of what they may say. :D

jcarignan443 responds:

Thank you so much! Well I’m actually a tattoo apprentice and it was my mentor, but there’s a lot of hazing in the tattoo world and people that aren’t confident in their work and take it out on others

People usually talk about themselves when they are blaming you. Sometimes you just happen to be in between that person and its own insecurities.

Should you pursue in the Arts or not? The answer to that won't change the fact that you got a heck of a talent, demonstrated here.

jcarignan443 responds:

Wow. Thank you so much! Wasn't expecting such positive feedback haha. Really appreciate your support!

oh shit OH SHIT
I love the fucking clothes?? ? The folds! The helmet! The ev e r y th i n g. Everything is kickass. Never stop, my man :D

love it! love hte wrinkles in his/her clothes and i guess the other stuff too :)