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Reviews for "Grudge EP.1"

cloud Vincent, ff-vii , Kenny, south park , friza zarbon dragon ball z
i saw all of them lol

it was well done, and kinda funny!! for only two weeks this is a hell of a lotta animation!! the only thing i didn't like was the voices, they were well recorded but slow and everyone sounded stupid

KKING1 responds:

Well if it was too fast it was hard to follow and the stupid part was intentional

That was a good argument.
Smell ya later!

The animation was good, I thought the popular kid looked a lot like the standard anime rival. The voice acting was ok, but the narrator sounded like they were doing a bad Russian accent.

The only anime tropes I noticed this was lacking were the Internal monologues where the antagonist (or the rival) is like "OH! How can he be so powerful, his power level is increasing so quickly I will have to fight even harder to defeat him" and then the antagonist proceeds to kick the ever loving shit out of the protagonist. The other one was the standard grunt sequence where multiple characters gasp/grunt/orgasm at the someone's power. Like *protagonist enters a higher form* "AH!" "UH!" "GUH!" "GAH!" Oh, I'm cumming!" "RRG!"

I would definitely like to see more of these. MAKE MOAR!

Best anime parody since Girl-Chan in Paradise. Makes me question why the hell I spent my childhood watching anime. You did however leave out the most important part of any anime, the ten minute stare down follwed by tune in next time for more of the same.

KKING1 responds:

there is more to come so I'll get to most of them eventually :)