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Reviews for "Grudge EP.1"

The animation was good, I thought the popular kid looked a lot like the standard anime rival. The voice acting was ok, but the narrator sounded like they were doing a bad Russian accent.

The only anime tropes I noticed this was lacking were the Internal monologues where the antagonist (or the rival) is like "OH! How can he be so powerful, his power level is increasing so quickly I will have to fight even harder to defeat him" and then the antagonist proceeds to kick the ever loving shit out of the protagonist. The other one was the standard grunt sequence where multiple characters gasp/grunt/orgasm at the someone's power. Like *protagonist enters a higher form* "AH!" "UH!" "GUH!" "GAH!" Oh, I'm cumming!" "RRG!"

I would definitely like to see more of these. MAKE MOAR!

That was a good argument.
Smell ya later!

The art and animation suit anime done pretty well, but can be somewhat inconsistent. The voice work is decent but seems more dumbed down rather than exaggerated which I think would be more fitting to make fun of anime. Also I am sure this will change as the series goes on, but I believe more anime tropes could have been added and more played upon. As an example having the Best Friend call the blonde an anti protagonist, then making the popular kid the obvious anti-protagonist and then switching the blonde to being the naive dumb protagonist made the joke lose its effect. I'm sure the series will improve over time and I hope to see more of it in the future. Good Luck.

KKING1 responds:

Naive dumb protagonist is some kind of an anti-protagonist and the popular kid's point was to be his rivle that team up with him, a thing that happen in a lot of animes
but thank you for the constractive comment :D

Hahaha, oh my god, that was so funny! I was cracking up at the "Huh-huh, bye! Smell you later!" part. I'd love to see more. Really nice job.

KKING1 responds:

I am Glad you liked it :D

Hey this is great! Young kids fighting against soviet aliens!
This vid represents the 'Everything by Everyone' correctly!