Reviews for "Scratching things is fun"

Its so styped it make me laugh xD

Made me think of Snooky

Hahaa.. good vocals, disturbing, yet fun. @.@ Oddly!

For all the insanity this created, it overall wasn't that bad. I guess it's mostly because you depict the ticks as these big monsters with cute little eyes. I love how they dane around showing off their many appendages. It does get unpleasant seeing all those close ups of private parts. Of course, we all know what it's like to itch those areas. Well, except the ones we don't have.

I think the voicework is done really well too. It's nice to hear how wacky it sounds. It was weird how the ticks appeared on his hand at the end. It just has an overall gritty look. We shouldn't scratch those parts too much.