Reviews for "Do More Think Less"

All I have to say is, I agree.

I've got a long personal history with thinking too much, and recently I've actually found myself to the same conclusion. I'm sharing this.

Uppercut1021 responds:

I know how you feel I am a very self conscious and by thinking to much you never really get to experience life... That's why I decided I will start thinking less and this video is like a documentation of that. :)

I love the message and I love that you weren't afraid of stopping the serious talk for the joke at the end!

Really nice stuff.
The audio was good and clear, as were your drawings and animations.
But wat set me off a little was the may you mixed so many different styles (graphics) without them really fitting to each other. E.g. those bold letters and vector graphics sure look nice - but when they suddenly appear after a cartoon scene and are followed by cartoon scenes, it kinda destroys the mood.
Keep up your good work though!

Uppercut1021 responds:

aah it was originally gonna be the cartoon characters just speaking but i felt that would have been boring. I see what your saying though there needs to be a set theme through out the animation... never really thought about that while I was making it. thanks for the criticism! I will keep it in mind for my future projects :D

Good message and animation