Reviews for "Do More Think Less"

This is a great message to send to viewers! Btw, maybe you should of worked on your slogan as people didn't like the think less part. I got one, overachieve, don't overconcieve.

I agree, I keep thinking about things and just worrying. Isntead of pondering, go into action. Do what you feel is right. Nothing will ever be accomplished if you sit back and keep to yourself. Meet the people, and then you will be able to meet yourself. Good moral.

Or just go out and find a better you. and some other shit i think may make me look like an ass. good job though.

Meh? Meh.

Not a great flash, all told, and "Do More, Think Less" sounds like something Mussolini would say.

No, really. Fascists have historically said things exactly like that.

Thinking can lead to action just as much as it can lead to inaction. Thinking well will lead to better action. The speaking character's decision to talk to people at bus stops was caused by him thinking: if he had not thought, he would have simply continued as he was. Thinking, when done correctly, causes us to act when it is appropriate and not act when it is inappropriate. Thinking is never bad.

Think more, do however much you think you should.

You spelt *here* wrong.

Great toon, good outlook. Stay optimistic brother.