Reviews for "Do More Think Less"

As wonderful as an idea that it is to be able to go off and talk to people, there are sadly too many out there who would take advantage of such a person for being so open.

As in, it'd be much nicer if everyone just gave strangers lifts in cars, but then malicious people will take advantage of that in order to seclude someone in a car and hurt them and profit from it. Equally, conversations you open up with strangers can indeed result in great friendships, but malicious people could also feign interest and friendliness (particularly if you're an attractive girl!) and then hurt you later when your guard is down.

What you say is very true, but there are so many risks!


It's hard to do it when everybody on the bus looks like they are either about to pass out or any attempts at eye-contact would involve getting yelled at. Forget talking, we should all be able to just smile and nod at each other.

... oh yeah, this is supposed to be a "movie review". Good movie. Simple animation and graphic style, which appropriately deviates from what is observed to what is being heard, which is the keystone of the project. It poses a strong, relatable idea, has plenty of reason behind why the idea should be considered, and it ends off on a humorous note just for good measure.

We need more movies like this. Keep up the good work!

Ok one good job on it you seem to have a good outlook on life.. and two zuggy just cause you dont like the movie and the message you recieve from it doesnt mean you have to put someone down...grow up..

Society has raised many twats that are really set backs. Mainstream losers that have nothing to think about. Its either lame music, lying ass politics or what Kanye west and Kim did last night. Not every one is this fruit basket of joy. Thats hard to find BUT I do understand this positive outlook.