Reviews for "The Pokemon Hoarder"

This was a twisted flash lol funny than sad... also what was that white stuff of that onix (bird shit?)

Mosamabindrawin responds:

It was cake frosting

at first it was funny and then towards the end it was so fucked up.

It's like sketching and sad but REALLY funny at the same time, the animation was awesome and the plot is super funny

Amazing LOL, made me laugh, and the artwork is great too.

Like the sudden dark twist it went into, but from reading some reviews not everyone does, and I agree that it should be classified under mature rather than teen. On a side note, I don't quite understand why ppl are railing at you for animating things because you enjoy it instead of "using your skills to better educate the ppl with like witty politcal parody and smart stuff". Just doesn't make sense considering.

Besides that nice work :P