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Reviews for "The Pokemon Hoarder"

Oh no why do i remember this

I really liked the first part. Colorful, fun, and energetic.
Then... the lavender town theme started playing and... it was just fucking scary from then on.
But I must ask: Was that your point? To show how disgusting and awful, hoarding everything on planet earth. if so you made your point... very well.
The end... just scared me. alot.
But it was a decent animation and I enjoyed the first half of it.

What happens when you transer your pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Professor Oak is pure evil.

I had to move in with my dad who is a hoarder for a while. This is an actual accurate representation to what it was like. Especially the part with the "Welcome Home" cake being on the counter while Professor Oak wallowed in filth like everything was fine. Instead of cake, my dad had filthy blankets prepared for me for sleeping on his filthy couch. This is so accurate of a representation (just replace the pokemon with real life stuff), that it makes me depressed to see. It's a reminder.

Also poop. There was actually human poop everywhere. He even had a butter knife sitting on top of the toilet that was covered in poop. The bathroom was a fucking disaster. It was all orange and black mold. So many bugs in the shower. There is so much more to say about it, but to him it all seemed fine.