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Reviews for "Molly & the Magic Ponies"

no snitch xD

Dat ending song. Good job with all the voices. This is quality internet humor.

PS teejay-number13 is a brony huehuehue.

Molly just shot out of that ponie's ass like a cannon.

Wow, I'm really surprised this wasn't an MLP cartoon. That's just what everyone thinks about with ponies on the Internet. It's still a great cartoon. I love that effect at the end where it keeps panning out. It's not that relevant, it's just a cool effect. The voices are great.

The funniest part might be the dad at the beginning of the cartoon. It's a good setoff. I should have known drugs of some kind would be involved. I like how the ponies sometimes have fingers. The girl's voice is quite appropriate too. Congrats on getting such a high score!

Molly Looks Like Dora The Explorer But With A Dress And No Backpack