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Reviews for "Molly & the Magic Ponies"

either hit or miss, and you did a great job. very creative!

Half a star for decent animation though not very impressive at that and I suppose for the voice acting was at least well done you could hear them well enough.

However what the fuck was this? You think people are gonna actually think this is funny? There wasn't any shocking parts either, no blood or weirdness that makes you at least go what the fuck wow, but no this was a very dull slow moving animation with no real plot, or jokes at all.

This was really fucking boring and thats why you get half a star and I voted 0 in the other vote thing.

This site has really gone down when it comes to quality submissions used to be tons of them, but guess lots of the artist have moved to other sites. The front pages for the past several months have been utter dog shit.

There needs to be a replay button, dude.

Make more Pokemon stuff and less this :D Why do ppl even bother with this story about ponies..

"Is this crrrrrack?" Best damn line. Good work.