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Reviews for "Molly & the Magic Ponies"

I had no idea what to expect there. But that was just hillarious. "MOLLY! MOLLY? ...... NO, MOLLY!?".

Tigers have been spotted in this area.

this has a very interesting future, if you're willing to do it, of course. The humor is great, and the animation is a 'lil bit rusty , but nothing serious, Congrats.

I like the overall idea and the humor, the animating needs a bit more work but it was still fun idea all together. :)

Pretty enjoyable for the most part

I don't know why but all the shit hanging up in the girls room was pretty funny to stop and zoom into "Never say Never ever never ever" The courageous story of a 12 year old lesbian. Hahah priceless still the movie itself wasnt hysterical but still enjoyable. Any chance you can make a short series out of this?