Reviews for "A Bit of Fun"

Awesome game, reminded me of SMB with a nice little bouncy ball twist. Some people say they find it incredibly easy, while some spend hours on some of the puzzles. A good well-rounded game all together and genuinely a fun waste of time keeping you occupied for a while. The game has definitely improved significantly since the beta stages, so give it a go and try for yourself!

Good gameplay, responsive controls. Even though there's a lot of die-and-retry in this game, each time it feels like it was our fault if we died, which is perfect. I did find one bug - you can walk through the right side of the wall which is on the left of the last "bit" to collect. There's a good replay value by trying to play without catching the bits, caring about the time only. I missed those good old platform games where double-jumping was everything. The bounciness and ice added the last bit of originality and challenge needed. Yay!

This was supposed to be a short review, so I made it one.
Good job. I like it.

you never really see good skill based platformers anymore. good work in keeping it original with the ball bit.

13 minutes. and 80 deaths.
i was lazy though. only collected 6 bits.

good work

This game was AWESOME. Seriously. I spent far too long on it, but I am now a Master of Fun (4:52, 13 Bits, 0 deaths).

The controls are extraordinarily smooth now. Just perfect. And consistent. Additionally, the artwork and the 'bouncing ball' mechanism lends a certain unique flavour to the game.

The only problem is with the bits. Occasionally my little man will sail directly over a bit and not pick it up, but this happens very infrequently.

All in all, an exceptionally well executed platformer that has plenty of replay potential to try to die less or discover the fastest way through the levels.

- BloodOathX