Reviews for "Madness Corruption"

DAMN, that was awesome, I would like to do a review of all of you...

Heragij: Your animation style is great, I love your cartoony way to animate everything, you just need to smooth things up and there you get a great animation.

Gujit: Pretty much the same as Heragij, my point of view made me see both of you have a pretty similar style, must say that you did great here, the only thing... try to smooth things up

Juanford66: Damn man, you improved so much in the last clips I saw, I like to see progress and you just made a lot, congrats.

Lubos: Couldn't get to see much from you but I think I saw a part, forgot to check the name even tho I saw this collab at least 3 times to make this review, doing pretty well as always.

TheBots55: You're doing fine right now, just would like to see sounds on those clips.

Bloody-Ice: A new comer! doing pretty good, keep going.

Kenamii: Couldn't see your name at any parts, but I think you made the test one, loved the melee test, you did good there.

Liuzirui1122: What can I say, YOU JUST FUCKING MADE SOME MASTERPIECES THERE!!1 congratulations, you are getting so good, loved that "ionizing" like part, so smooth, you're using your own style, that's pretty great, yeah must say it was amazing, again, congratulations sir *claps*

Djjaner: Oh god man, I damn loved those clips, this just made my day, that mag agent clip, damn that was fucking nice, congratulations, oh and OF COURSE I LOVED that tribute I was specting to see something like that for so long, I'm so thanked and I'm pretty sure dela also is, haven't talked to him in a long time, will ask him to watch this, so well made, love your style, art is pretty good and overall you made amazing clips!

Nothing else to say! pretty awesome collab. 5/5

Djjaner responds:

Wow.. Thanks.

wow my part is all old movie :D
but preety cool i love this collab :D

Djjaner responds:


Good and awesome collab my friend!!!!, and thank you for let me participate in Madness Corruption 2!!!!


It was so funny when Hank was break dancing with his sword then it was funny when Hank hit a grunt then the grunt cried!!

this collab is awesome, and the music too. i really want to have that track.