Reviews for "Madness Corruption"

Kinda good.. But the 2nd one is better,

Time For the collab Ratings...

Djjaner: Your Very awesome... But its A little Bit Fast, 9.50/10

Bloody-Ice: Needs A lot Of Work, Its kinda Of Carppy.. Sorry, 6.25/10

Gujit: Nice.. But Its Kinda Shakey, 8/10

Juanford66: Very good.. But The gun Firing is super slow.. (Except For The Last Collab Part From You) 7.25/10

Kenamy: Is This Tween?? Ahh.. Whatever, Its pretty Good anyways 8.75/10

Liuzirul1122: Very good.. I think your The Best Here, 10/10

Lubos: Amazing Sprites.. And Decent animation 7.85/10

Vassline: Super Shakey... But Good Animation 6.75/10

Wizard: Really?? This Is Very Crappy.. Sorry about that, 5.25/10

Music Choices: 9.75/10
Collab parts: 7.5/10
Total Score: 3.5/5
Sorry. The second One Is So Much better. But I Still Kind of Enjoy This At Least,

poor nyan cat...


this collab is awesome, and the music too. i really want to have that track.