Reviews for "Madness Corruption"

MADNESS lvoe it man keep us the good work

Ah yes, GrudgyGrunt. You're the same asshole who's been harassing people on YouTube. Don't bother with him Djjaner; in every group of animators, there is always the one douchebag that tries to make everyone else feel like shit. And this guy is that douchebag.

But aside from talking about dicks, I liked this collab. You can learn a lot from it as an animator and it's really entertaining to watch. :)

It was so funny when Hank was break dancing with his sword then it was funny when Hank hit a grunt then the grunt cried!!

Moral: There are no competent and experienced animators anymore.

Seriously I'm not gonna lie, I fear that if krinkels were to watch this he would probably end his series, remove them from newgrounds and have them extinct for what you're doing to it's reputation. I think you know damn well all of your fans aren't animators and dont know scrap about it. The fact that I've missed making comments like this was almost unrelated to why I wrote this one. I wrote this because this is one of thefinest example possible of what collaborations are doing to Madness Combat. You're tearing it apart. You've made many great animators leave their posts and vanish. You've made many fans consider Madness being all about shooting some fucking guy and being plotless. And the fact that you're so ignorant that you can't even see how Collabs are boring, uncreative and that no one even wants to look at them with respect anymore is just terrible. I wish people like you would be the ones to quit Madness instead of experienced, effort making and actually good animators.

The intro was also very wierdly made, the background displayed as being made by a five year old and the animation was similar to mine when I started, too damn jumpy. It was also dull and old.
Oh I've missed making these comments. This was however just one last (?) because this collab was something I really couldn't walk by without spitting at.

Djjaner responds:

Is it your comment. I do not intend to do with you somehow to talk about.

Good and awesome collab my friend!!!!, and thank you for let me participate in Madness Corruption 2!!!!